LifeWIRE’s rapid and scalable population outreach for Symptom, 
Self‐Isolation Management, and Care Coordination is all about communicating care — 
because we care about people receiving testing and timely treatment 
and together we can contain the virus.

State-Level Response Utilization

LifeWIRE's product has pilot-tested as part of a state-level response in a
COVID-19 hot zone in the U.S. It is currently in use to engage real-time and on a daily basis
those patients who have tested positive or awaiting results, monitoring self-isolation until resolution.

In the Know

Learn how LifeWIRE's COVID-19 Self-Isolation Management Program has proven value in fighting this continuing pandemic in this eHealth Initiative Executive Insights webinar.



LifeWIRE COVID-19 Self-Isolation and Quarantine Program Has Evolved
Including Mental Health Symptom Assessment and Peer Support

Based on Public Health and employer input on requirements during the rapidly evolving pandemic, LifeWIRE’s COVID-19 Self-Isolation Management Program (COVID-19 SIP™) is being updated to include optional supplemental modules with functionalities that include:

  • Mental health symptom assessment and self-management for COVID-19-associated or - exacerbated stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Links to associated COVID-19 contact tracing and care management services.
  • COVID-19 self-quarantine.
  • Workplace quarantine, self-isolation, and ongoing symptom/temperature monitoring.
  • Temperature monitoring
  • An additional layer of anonymity to mask the user’s mobile phone number and/or email from the healthcare provider.
  • Adaptability to future epidemic/pandemic situations and other public health threats.

These updates offer:

  • Public Health a tie-in of COVID-19 quarantine and self-isolation into a seamless ecosystem that includes testing, contact tracing, and care management.
  • Employers a data coordination and employee management platform to implement workplace-associated COVID-19 coordination with quarantine, testing, self-isolation, and ongoing symptom management.
  • Health care organizations a tool to manage the wider population impact of COVID-19 on the exposure of front-line staff and patients in their facilities, the provision of virtual care services and pre-assessment of clinic attendees.
  • Those with, exposed to, or concerned about COVID-19 a means of engagement, given the escalating incidence and prevalence of mental health conditions associated with COVID-19; a means of addressing their emotional response, finding access to urgent mental health care resources, or joining peer support groups to help self-manage and alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

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LifeWIRE delivers a patented communications platform that empowers healthcare Providers and Payors to extend the point of care through scripted, automated dialogue anywhere, any place, any time, using any device. Automating Patient engagement drives down cost while improving outcomes and clinical efficiencies. HIPAA and HITRUST compliant, LifeWIRE connects with Patients, Providers, Labs, Pharmacies and Payors to enable real time communications for patient outreach, follow-up, feedback and compliance. LifeWIRE operates throughout North America with Offices in Arlington VA and Toronto, ON.