Outreach & Empowerment: Helping Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans require a balanced psychosocial environment to make substantive social change. This requires a coordinated effort to supply secure housing, nutritional meals, basic physical health care, substance abuse care and aftercare, mental health counseling, personal development and empowerment. Specific to employment, veterans need specialized assistance bridging their military skills with civilian job assessments, training, and placement. Ironically, most of these services are curren...
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Howard Rosen (LifeWIRE CEO) speaking at TIA 2016 on "Guess Who Is Dining On Your Data" in Dallas on June 7

Healthcare, farming, retail, energy, automotive, and banking are some of the verticals using big data to facilitate, streamline, and automate operations. However: How do we balance data security with accessibility? How can companies make consumers feel safe and stay engaged while sharing their data in this time of continual database breaches? How can machine based IoT platforms and applications securely share, capture, manage and utilize the data they access? Join industry experts as they explor...
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LifeWIRE Insights: Substance Use and Outreach

As an invaluable aid for the Substance Use (“SU”) population, participants, whether case managers, schedulers, pharmacy, or clinicians are looking to build a ‘virtual relationship’ with their treatment populations. The ‘anonymous relationship’ is key to success with SU population. This facilitates a relationship where the client can have multiple interactive conversations with the treatment team, and address issues about recovery without having to deal directly with a clinician. The ...
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Improving Outcomes for Transitional Population Management and Persons with Serious Mental Illness: Assisted Outpatient Treatment and Interactive SMS Communications

Written by Cathie Hughes, Dr. William Harms, Howard Rosen Over ten million people over the age of 18 suffer with a serious mental illness (SMI). The SMI population is disproportionately counted amongst those who are at risk for homelessness, are engaged in violent crime, commit suicide, and have a high recidivism rate in the criminal justice system. Approximately 4 % of this population represents the most serious conditions. This subpopulation is more likely to exhibit adverse levels of dai...
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Operationalizing & Automating Workflows

Operationalizing & Automating Patient Workflows by Howard Rosen (CEO), William D. Harms (Director of Research) Background LifeWIRE’s interactive communication platform was initially implemented in small clinical settings where one clinician managed 20-30 patients. In that environment it was relatively easy to check in with each patient, at least a few times per week, and to manually make any changes to their treatment plans. As the utilization has become more robust, and it is being depended ...
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U.S. Patent Issued to LifeWIRE Corp

Patent affirms uniqueness of LifeWIRE’s cloud-based mHealth communication engine. RICHMOND, VA / PRWeb / September 29, 2015 – LifeWIRE Corp. is pleased to announce that it was issued United States Patent Office Patent No: 9,144,381 for “MOBILE SELF-MANAGEMENT COMPLIANCE AND NOTIFICATION METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT”. LifeWIRE provides a cloud-based communications engine enabling continuous, two-way dialogue, data collection and insight between providers and their clients/patie...
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LifeWIRE radioblog on "Health Innovation"

Howard Rosen (LifeWIRE, CEO) was interviewed for "This Week In Health Innovation" In this exchange, Douglas Goldstein @eFuturist catches up with President/CEO Howard Rosen (aka @LifeWireConnect) of LifeWire. Produced by Gregg Masters @2healthguru for lHealth Innovation Media.
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LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth

LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth  in an in depth interview, titled "LifeWIRE: The Science & Art of Communication", Howard Rosen was interviewed as part of the Journal's series of profiles of select companies comprising the Global Digital Health 100: "LifeWIRE’s interactive communications platform facilitates dialogue between patients and their treatment teams which has proven essential to patient compliance and improved clinica...

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