The Art & Science of LifeWIRE being taught at Carnegie Mellon University

Starting this Spring term, Prof Rema Padman PhD, (Heinz College CMU) and Howard Rosen MBA, D.Phil-c (CEO, LifeWIRE) have been advising on an independent study course is to enable students to derive knowledge and insight into clinical and economic value of a cloud based communication OS such as LifeWIRE. They are exploring interventions, data analysis, and population health management via review of mobile technology, associated data analytics, hands-on exposure to the LifeWIRE platform, and discussion of relevant policy and management issues. Students will also be exploring the effect of different communication modalities and use of language to engage users. A final report and presentation with a demo of the prototype mHealth utilization/analytics will be key deliverables of the independent study course.


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