Recent Speaking Engagements

  • Capitol Hill in September - E-Health Policy Showcase on Capitol Hill

  • Capitol Hill July 9th - Health Information Technology Advances in Military Medicine and Veterans Health Care: Research and Development Meets Fielded. It highlighted some communications technology tools that can greatly improve administrative and clinical processes.

  • The Kennedy forum - The topic was on promoting an Integrated Health Care Delivery System:  Understanding How to Best Optimize Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Coverage.

  • Keynote at the Spectrum University Conference (August) - Focus topic is telemedicine… and your discussion of the technology you used for LifeWIRE; what it does and the challenges of this capability when it comes to health/mental health …etc.

  • George Mason (November) - Introduces health and medical information systems with emphasis on systems analysis and design to support managerial and clinical communications and decision making. Explores trends and innovations in information technology and systems, focusing on managerial oversight of health and medical information systems. Explores contemporary management strategies for information systems personnel.

  • Keynote at Maryland Tech (December) - Health it breakfast series: mobile health and telemedicine innovation.

  • DC Showcase next week - eHealth Policy Showcase on Capitol Hill.

  • CTA conference in Philly on March 12/13 - Presenter/Discussion Leader e-Health Summit “eHealth Innovation:” Lessons Learned”

  • The HIMSS Veteran Transition webinar January 2015 - The HIMSS Veterans Career Services Webinar series will focus on topics geared for veterans and transitioning service members interested in careers in health information technology (HIT). The Introduction to LifeWIRE technology and mHealth framework,” Where HealthIT becomes invisible”.

  • The Broadcast January 2015 - Interview Discussion on Innovation in Suicide Prevention and Social Media.


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