U.S. Patent Issued to LifeWIRE Corp

Patent affirms uniqueness of LifeWIRE’s cloud-based mHealth communication engine. RICHMOND, VA / PRWeb / September 29, 2015 – LifeWIRE Corp. is pleased to announce that it was issued United States Patent Office Patent No: 9,144,381 for “MOBILE SELF-MANAGEMENT COMPLIANCE AND NOTIFICATION METHOD, SYSTEM AND COMPUTER PROGRAM PRODUCT”.

LifeWIRE provides a cloud-based communications engine enabling continuous, two-way dialogue, data collection and insight between providers and their clients/patients in healthcare and other industries.


Ten years ago, I saw a trend towards stark impersonality in digital technology. The LifeWIRE communications platform was developed to bring a more human approach to digital dialogue by creating a warm handshake,

said Howard Rosen, LifeWIRE’s CEO.

We also sought to invent a more positive user experience; we have delivered improved outcomes, deeper insight into user behavior, and greater population outreach.


The LifeWIRE engine provides a population management platform for continuous outreach and interaction. It has earned national and international recognition among governments, healthcare, and behavioral health organizations for its work with a wide range of populations. Nowhere has its impact been more clearly demonstrated than in the care of US Armed Forces personnel and veterans suffering with mental health challenges such as post-traumatic stress, high risk of suicide, and substance abuse to name a few.


Innovative risk takers like LifeWIRE are driving change in healthcare that is benefiting patients, supporting healthcare providers, and improving overall performance,

said former Executive Director of the Institute for e-Health Policy, HIMSS, Neal Neuberger.


“LifeWIRE’s platform gathers patient-generated clinical data and analytics that will transform population care through automated, personalized outreach for distinct groups including veterans, persons living in rural or inner city areas, and those suffering from chronic diseases like mental illness, brain trauma, cardio-vascular disease, and cancer.” US Patent No: 9,144,381 is based on LifeWIRE’s 2006 Application and Provisional application filed in 2005. LifeWIRE has continued to enhance and expand its capabilities and has filed a continuation application for the current patent. For More information about LifeWIRE, feel free to view this recent presentation entitled "The Art & Science of Communication" by Howard Rosen, LifeWIRE CEO. 



For more information about this release, please contact Jocelyn Brodie at (416) 428-7705. About LifeWIRE (www.lifewiregroup.com)

LifeWIRE operates throughout North America with offices in Richmond, Virginia and Toronto, Canada. Providing a secure and interactive communication engine and population management tool though the LifeWIRE platform, organizations are able to communicate with individuals under their care anywhere, at any time, through any device. For the individual, it means they can engage when they want, how they want, about what and with whom they want at any time. As valuable as the two–way response is to the organization and the individual, it is the ‘non-response as a response’ that is also monitored and equally valuable. All LifeWIRE interactions are recorded and validated to FDA audit standards, tracked on a date/time basis, and managed by our clients. Captured data is used for advanced analytics that include customer engagement levels, customer behavior, service and operational levels, performance measurement, and predictive modelling.


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