LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth

LifeWIRE Featured in The Journal of mHealth  in an in depth interview, titled "LifeWIRE: The Science & Art of Communication", Howard Rosen was interviewed as part of the Journal's series of profiles of select companies comprising the Global Digital Health 100: "LifeWIRE’s interactive communications platform facilitates dialogue between patients and their treatment teams which has proven essential to patient compliance and improved clinical  outcomes. Any interaction can be automated, delivered, interactively monitored, and customised based on patient responses. In health, corporate communication, and academia, LifeWIRE has an established track record of success among veteran and civilian populations. " For the rest of the article please click  The Journal of mHealth Vol 2 Issue 3 (June 2015) LifeWIRE


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