Dr. Tech·ie (ˈtekē) : The Anesthesiologist Who’s Into IT

Dr. Tech·ie (ˈtekē) : The Anesthesiologist Who’s Into IT

To be or not to be techie is no longer a choice - it is a need now.


For anesthesiologists, “being techie” is not just about being tech savvy - it is understanding healthcare technologies and how to best leverage them to improve patient care and outcomes.


When it comes to adopting new technologies, the anesthesiologist is a natural. The tools in his or her practice - from anesthesia equipment to automation of clinical data - are going digital, and they’re adapting with to this.


Now, though, there’s a growing list of  increasing innovations that simplify work processes, and provide solutions for clinical decision-making - all redefining patient care. So how to decide?


As a result  the anesthesiologist has no other choice but to be “Dr. Techie”.


Advancements will only continue with  digital patient   already a reality. And these new gen patients are   using technology to manage their well-being and access services.


Another reason  for the embrace of digital solutions in the delivery of healthcare is the Perioperative Surgical Home (PSH), where the anesthesiologist is the key clinician leading the whole surgical team.


Making the Argument for CX


In the marketing world, customer experience (CX) is the name of the game when it comes to looking after your customers.


In healthcare, it is patient experience. In the PSH model of care, the patient’s entire perioperative experience is treated as one continuum of care. And the anesthesiologist is in charge    .


Patient experience that caters to demands for accessible care and data will be key. At minimum it will have to offer remote management of medication and virtual patient monitoring.


These change will spur advances in medical technology, with innovations in EMRs and PHRs, use of Apps and Chatbots, Telemedicine, VR , AR and 3D imaging.


Delivering optimum care will see a need for Robotics, Genomics, Informatics and Biotechnology, Big Data and Cloud Computing, and Sensors and Implants.


Further advances in technology will make a case for unifying communication platforms feeding artificial intelligence in clinical decision support systems, and chatbots that engage with patients will need to simulate empathy.


In the 21st century, the anesthesiologist will be a pioneer in patient safety.


The digitization of healthcare will be an opportunity for “Dr. Techie” to champion patient safety in the delivery of care through digital means.


Futurizing the healthcare ecosystem for the anesthesiologist means a new professional reality:


  • Bridging the healthcare gap with e-patients

  • Delivering the promise of leadership in a PSH

  • Efficiency in the operating theatre, leaving no room for day of surgery cancellations

  • Digital solutions for seamless patient care, reducing/removing physician burnout


The 21st century anesthesiologist is the “Dr. Techie” that we are beginning to see today, and who will lead the way tomorrow.

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